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Enabling and Empowering for Success

Rethinking HOW organizations work and develop into 

Purpose and Result-Driven Organizations 

Why should an organization want to be purpose and result-driven?
How do qualities of learning organizations translate to success?

What are the benefits of having engaged and motivated employees?

Who thrives enabled and empowered?

Because learning organizations are more resilient, can adapt to changing markets, conditions and circumstances and are more successful that their competitors  as they play to their strengths. 

About fr1berg

fr1berg believes in a better way for organizations and people to succeed in the digital age by rethinking organizational designs and ways of working. 

By combining

  • over 20 years of experience in Business and ICT

  • over 10 years of consulting in business and ICT

  • including 10  years in organizational development and agile transformations - also at scale  



  • scientific insights from cognitive neuroscience

  • applied psychology

  • built on a mathematical foundation

  • rooted in reality and based on proven, real world cases 


fr1berg has developed a framework to enable and empower organizations to successfully transform into learning organizations. By applying the framework and the tools embedded in it, fr1berg can tackle various types of challenges within a multitude of constraints.


And why does that matter?

Because solution-orientation, focus, structure and methodology helps translate ideas, plans and goals into actions and tangible, measurable results.


Organization, Processes

and Systems

Leaders, Teams and People

Products and Services

What does fr1berg do?

fr1berg offers various services to solve challenges in the following area.

engagement models


you want to take charge of implementing a solution and need guidance, support and/or coaching

fr1berg empowers your organization for sustainable, independent success by supporting solution discovery as well as implementation


you have a challenge, special project or are facing a problem and you want someone to take care of it​

fr1berg delivers a solution with your organization that you can implement independently and sustainably


you want to improve your organization's skills and/or knowledge in methodology, roles, results, process, etc.  - especially pertaining to leadership, high performance teams, agile and scaling agile

fr1berg offers standard as well as tailored courses -  both enhanced through experience and expertise


you have a goal and want to combine experience, knowledge and expertise from participants to co-create a solution

fr1berg facilitates collaboration towards a defined goal and ensures results and/or contributes with expertise and experience

Connect with fr1berg

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